How to Install GeyserMC (Java-Bedrock CrossPlay) to Your Server?

This article will show you how to make your Minecraft Server available for both Java and Bedrock players.

Important Information

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Please make sure to have the correct server version installed before installing the mod/plugin. As GeyserMC is available for Paper, Spigot, Fabric and other versions! This guide will cover both manual and automatic installation.

How To Install GeyserMC (Paper/Spigot)?

  1. Head over to the Game Panel and stop your server. 

  2. Navigate to the "Addons -> Presets" tab.

  3. Find the CROSSPLAY option and click on Install - wait for the successful installation confirmation, and start your server.

  1. Done! Bedrock players can now join using the same IP and Port that your Java server has.

How To Install GeyserMC (Fabric)?

  1. Head over to the Game Panel and stop your server. 

  2. Download the files suitable for your server version from the GeyserMC official site. We suggest downloading both GeyserMC and Floodgate.

    Now open up your Game Panel again and navigate to the "Files" tab and open the "mods" folder. Upload the two mods (.jar files) to that folder. You will also need to install FabricAPI to your mods folder in case you already do not have it installed!

  1. Once uploaded, start your server to generate the mod's configuration files.

    After your server has started up, navigate to the "Settings -> Network" tab and click on "Create Allocation" button to receive an additional port for Bedrock connections. Save it for later use.

  1. Then find the folder Geyser-Fabric from the "Files -> /config" folder. Open the Geyser's "config.yml" in there and change the following lines:

    1) Line 19 - port: xxxxx (25589 in our example)
    Update it to be the additional port that you just created in the Network tab.

    2) Line 52 - port: xxxxx (25579 in our example)
    Update this to match your servers primary port (Java connections).

  1. Click on "Save Content" and restart your server.

  2. Bedrock players can now join using the NEW port and Java IP that you created in the Network tab.

🎉 Congratulations, you've successfully allowed Bedrock and Java crossplay. If you have any issues or concerns, please contact us through the ticket system.

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